May 2020 -- Iyar-Sivan 5780,  Volume 26, Issue 5

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Introducing the Jewish Youth Climate Movement

The Jewish Youth Climate Movement (JYCM) is building a movement of Jewish youth who are dedicated to stopping climate change, lifting up the Jewish mandate to steward the world, inspiring youth to make a positive change, and helping our Jewish communities mobilize around healthier sustainability practices; individually and collectively, creating a healthier and more sustainable world for all.


JYCM was founded by Hazon in 2020 to create a platform for Jewish youth to organize for climate solutions and youth-led activism around the country. The platform is connecting youth in Jewish communities interested in climate activism and enabling a climate solutions movement generated and led by Jewish youth.


The Founding Board members are in the process of building this movement. They are creating definitions of the work, audience, a mission statement and goals. The founding teen leadership board is split up into different working groups and they are busy at work planning projects and next steps as they launch JYCM.


They are reaching out to school newspapers and contributing articles talking about JYCM, working towards talking on radio stations and having publications feature student climate activist writers and voices. They hope to make JYCM a household name so Jewish leaders and communities know about them.


JYCM will be advocating for legislation to be passed about responding to the climate crisis and communicating with other leaders outside the Jewish community to build interfaith communications and relationships and be a model of teen-led interfaith work for climate activism.


 The JYCM website:  is a place where they  can spread the word about JYCM, share opportunities, share events, and connect with each other.


They  are making it a place where teens interested in the climate movement can come together and for JYCM board members to answer questions and provide links to trusted companies, products, and resources.


For those who want to get involved but don’t know what to do, the site will include many quick, easy but impactful ways that anyone can lower their carbon footprint and help save the earth.


They  hope to not just become a climate movement that organizes rallies and events, but a helpful and powerful resource bringing youth climate activists together and using their presence as a platform for them.